About us

When we started up in London many moons ago in 2010, we had vague ideas about doing smart-data related work in energy markets. We envisioned a team of super bright and inspired professionals from several nationalities combining their skills to change the world - making energy greener, cheaper, and abundant, to enhance the future of humanity.

We realised early on that our mission of 300 GW on AI-interworking was unlikely to be fulfilled through traditional methods from the 20th century - no disruptive startup scales-up using old methods. We needed to take a risk and bet on future technology. This bet was on clever analytical software - analytical because its driven by data; ‘clever’ because it can think for itself, driven by Machine Learning and more broadly Artificial Intelligence.

So today, after several ups and downs, and a few pivots, we find ourselves working at the intersection of three evolving areas - the energy ecosystem, artificial intelligence techniques, and analytics software - clicking all three together as we stride onwards and upwards.

Countries represented

Our Mission

We see 300 GW of generation and load on AI-interworking as the critical mass to enable adoption of these technologies on a truly global scale. Our mission is to construct the data architecture and design the algorithms that gift an intelligently powered future to the world.

In real terms, 300 GW is currently enough electricity to run 45 cities like Delhi, 30 like London, or 30% of the USA. We are aided by the fact that humanity's energy use is transforming fundamentally - driven by advances in renewables, and changing demographics that prefer clean energy and more control of their lives.

Any new technology must increase the end-customer value it delivers by several times to succeed. We consider our end customer to be humanity and we want to give reliable access to never ending electricity, at 10% of the price it is today, which does not pollute the environment.

Our Vision

A global 100% renewables powered grid, at 100% reliability of supply, accessed as a simple human right. The world’s energy economy formed from a web of interwoven intelligent algorithms, optimising every node of the energy ecosystem. Harnessed to make clean energy so cheap that it unlocks unprecedented avenues for humanity to solve climate change, then enhance the planet, and beyond.