We see 300 GW of generation and load on AI-interworking as the critical mass to enable adoption of these technologies at a truly global scale. Our mission is to build the data architecture and design the algorithms that gift an intelligently powered future to the world. Know More..

Our Vision

A global 100% renewables powered grid, at 1/3rd of the price we pay for our energy today, at 100% reliability of supply, accessed as a basic human right. We believe AI & ML will be integral to enabling this.

Our Services



Real-time intraday, day-ahead, and term-ahead forecasts. Using AI-algorithms powered by millions of data points, from transmission & distribution networks, generation, and weather models.


Energy Market Modelling

Forecasting of prices and bid volumes across markets worldwide. With horizons stretching from the instantaneous imbalance markets, through to long-term econometric power price trends.


Algorithmic Scheduling & Trading

AI-enhanced scheduling and trading software. Built to increase the speed and reliability of energy market decision making, as the necessity of autonomous evaluation accelerates.


Power & Carbon Analytics

Rich data portals for the US and Indian markets. Enabling identification of underlying trends, behavioural patterns, and required actions, across and ahead of other market agents.

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It’s easy to underestimate how important culture is to a start-up’s existence. We’ve learned that it’s dynamic and ever-evolving, rather than set in stone. Looking back, it gives us a smile to say that our culture has been the numero uno factor behind the company's success so far.


Our influences are as diverse as the team. From literature to pop-culture, here are a few of our favourite quotes:

Mind of the Market

  • India Updates

    News from the 'rising tiger' of global
    energy, and its transforming sector.

    15 Mar 2018

    Tata Power (TPDDL) announces launch of AI-based solution to detect widespread electricity theft across Discom networks.

  • Europe Updates

    Staying up to speed with the continent's fast-paced transition and grid-reforms.

    15 Mar 2018

    Following hot on the heels of DONG's transition to Ørsted. Former global O&G stalwarts sending some strong signals about the future energy.

  • North America Updates

    Eureka! moments, from the Golden to
    Lonestar States, and Maple Leaf lands.

    7th Mar 2018

    California ARB awards $7M for ultra-low NOx heavy-duty diesel truck demo project. Targetting 2019 for road-road readiness.

11 Feb 2018

Report from Essen, Germany – Where are the “disruptive” deal makers?

01 Feb 2018

How Machines Really Learn and Where AI Really Is

We want your ‘NI’ (Natural Intelligence)

We hire interns and 'digital nomads' all year round. So if you have domain expertise in energy, or the motivation to learn more about the field, the desire to enhance your skills in technology and data sciences, and are looking for real world challenges, we would love to hear from you.